I love to teach! I enjoy weaving together unique and playful sequences. My Pilates classes are fiery, but fun. My hatha and flow classes have been called “poetry in motion”.

My dance workshops will energize you and my yin and therapeutic classes will leave you feeling restored. Through sincere enthusiasm, eclectic paylists and spontaneous laughter, I strive to create a warm and inclusive space for all to practice in.

I am based in Maple Ridge, but I teach throughout Metro Vancouver. I offer weekly public classes as well as private classes, corporate classes and workshops.

"Nicole's knowledge of poses and body movement is impressive! I highly recommend Nicole as a yoga instructor!"


Class Schedule


8:50 am
Yoga/Pilates (Pitt Meadows Recreation Centre)

12:00 pm
Pilates (Corporate Class)

5:00 pm
Pilates Yoga Fusion (Kushala Yoga)

6:30 pm
Yin Yoga (Kushala Yoga)


9:00 am
Flow Yoga (Epic Yoga)

12:00 pm
Hatha Yoga (Corporate Class)

6:15 pm
Pilates (Epic Yoga)


4:30 pm
Yoga for Hips & Back (Kushala Yoga)

6:00 pm
Pilates Yoga Fusion (Kushala Yoga)


9:00 am
Hatha Yoga (Epic Yoga)

10:30 am
Yin Yoga (Epic Yoga)

12:00 pm
Pilates (Epic Yoga)


9:30 am
Pilates Yoga Fusion (Kushala Yoga)

11:00 am
Yoga for Hips & Back (Kushala Yoga)


9:00 am
Hatha Yin (The Vancouver Club)

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Local retreats

In 2017, I was approached by a student, the owner of REO Rafting & Glamping Resort. He presented me with the opportunity to lead a yoga retreat at his resort. I, along with a close colleague, accepted his proposal.

Between 2018-2020, we led four successful weekend retreats together at REO. After getting our feet wet (literally!) at REO we were eager to try another retreat location. We subsequently rented a beautiful manor on the Sunshine Coast where we hosted two more successful weekend retreats together.

In 2021, I branched out on my own and my independent retreat business was born! Since then, I have organized and led 10 weekend retreats at various locations across British Columbia.

As an enthusiastic home cook, I cater my local retreats myself. I infuse an abundance of good vibes into all my plant-based dishes. The vibes can be tasted in every morsel of food I make!

Join me at my next rejuvenating weekend retreat!

International retreats

I am an avid traveller and have travelled extensively across the globe. Expanding my retreat business internationally was a natural evolution for me.

My travel experience, adventurous spirit and language skills make me a competent leader on international retreats.

My fondness of Latin America inspired me to host Heart of Ecuador Yoga Retreat in March 2023 and Heart of Peru Yoga Retreat in February 2024.

“Everything was perfectly organized. I made new friends and connected with old friends. It was truly the trip of a lifetime and I can't recommend Nicole's retreats enough.”


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All Content © Copyright Fire Spirit Yoga and Pilates 2024. All Rights Reserved.

All Content © Copyright Fire Spirit Yoga and Pilates 2024. All Rights Reserved.