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What is Fire Spirit
Yoga & Pilates?

Hi! I’m Nicole and my mission is to make a positive difference in people's lives.

I strongly believe in the uplifting powers of yoga, movement and adventure. My genuine passion is manifested in my classes and retreats. I am immensely grateful for the opportunities that I am blessed with every day to connect with beautifully diverse people, doing what I love.





Join our next retreat to Guatemala!

Experience an unforgettable and soul-satisfying week of yoga, culture and adventure.

Nov. 16-23, 2024


I invite you to explore your movement practice along with all aspects of yourself. I believe in kindness, compassion and inclusivity.

In my classes and at my retreats, I offer nourishment for the body and soul. I encourage you to open your heart to joy and adventure and to broaden your horizons and make new connections.




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Nicole is an empowering yoga teacher! Her presence is a beautiful gift, cherished by all who encounter it.

Suzanne Kyra

If you are looking for a challenge in a high-energy, fun and supportive environment, practice Pilates with Nicole!

Sheynal Saujani

Nicole's enthusiasm and energy are infectious! I love her classes!

Barb Smith

It was a wonderful weekend of Pilates, yoga, high-quality food, and fun activities with like-minded participants.


Nicole is so full of energy and funny and her laugh is honestly contagious!


If you're lucky enough to attend one of Nicole's retreats, you will be blessed with a unique adventure, scrumptious food and, of course, lots of yoga!

Zachary Kyra-Derksen

Nicole brings passion, enthusiasm and energy into every one of her classes. It is a privilege and a joy to practice with her.

Kathy Wolter

Nicole is a model of consistency and performance, always displaying integrity, good communication skills and enthusiasm!

Chris Dunphy,
owner of Kushala Yoga

Nicole's knowledge of poses and body movement is impressive! I highly recommend Nicole as a yoga instructor!

Kathy Leko

Nicole is a kind, compassionate, generous, and fun person. I am honoured to know her.


Broaden your horizons & make new connections

All Content © Copyright Fire Spirit Yoga and Pilates 2024. All Rights Reserved.

All Content © Copyright Fire Spirit Yoga and Pilates 2024. All Rights Reserved.